Contact Lens Services and Online Ordering

Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are an exciting option in correcting your vision. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and some bifocal prescription can be corrected with contacts. We have a wide selection of the current available types: gas permeable, soft, astigmatic, bifocal or disposable. In most cases your new lenses can be ready within just 24 hours. Our doctor is extremely knowledgeable and has fit very difficult cases including people with dry eye, severe keratoconus, post corneal transplant, high astigmatism, aphakia, and scarring or disfigurement. She is CRT certified for visual correction through the use of special contact lenses.

Special attention to contact lens wearers

Our contact lens examination includes a thorough evaluation of corneal curvatures, tear sufficiency, cornea and lid health. During an extensive trial lens fitting, we'll try several different lens types for fit and compatibility. Ongoing evaluations are conducted until both you and your doctor are satisfied.

We'll work with you until you feel at ease with the proper care and handling of your new lenses. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with your contact lenses.

Contact Lens On Line Ordering

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