COVID-19 # 2

Hi There,

I hope you are staying well and are not too adversely impacted by this shelter in place order. I am encouraged that it looks like it is having the effect, and the curve is “flattening”. Although we don’t know when the order will be lifted, and I can start scheduling patients again, I hope it will be soon because I miss you!

If you need anything, please contact me by email at [email protected] and I will try to help you out.

Here are some of the things I can provide:

  • Curbside delivery of glasses or contacts.
  • Ordering contacts and have them shipped to your house
  • Duplicating glasses that are lost or broken
  • Receipts for taxes or HSA reimbursement
  • Copies of prescriptions
  • Telehealth visits for certain eye conditions

I am looking forward to scheduling visits soon and can’t wait to see you all.

In health,

Dr. Jane